7 Ways Bicycles Can Find you the Love of Your Life

Bicycling is a great hobby. Whether riding down the street in town or mountain biking on rough terrain, it’s a great form of exercise with a great community. A great part of almost any activity is the ability to share your interest with others. Cycling communities are largely a local scene, and like any local scene there’s an opportunity there to build relationships. You can find great friends, or even lovers, by using your trusty bike! This post will focus on 7 ways bicycles can find you the love of your life.

Take Advantage of the Community

There are many apps and sites where you can find meetups for people with similar interests. Try downloading an app or surfing the web to find a local community of bicycling enthusiasts. You’ll often find a great group of people to hang out with, and hanging out with someone is the first step towards a budding romance!

Use Bicycling as a Date

If you’re a regular bicycler, it’s likely that you lead a pretty active lifestyle. Asking a potential partner out on a bike ride during nice weather is a great way to gauge whether or not you two have similar priorities. If they go for it, it’s possible that they’re the one!

Share Your Enthusiasm

No one likes someone that’s boring and has no interests. If bicycling interests you, share that interest with others. Even if your partner doesn’t enjoy riding bikes, hearing your passion for an activity – especially an exercise related activity – is often viewed positively. Use your bicycling skills to impress your date.

Take a Different Route

Cycling around town either to get to your destination or for exercise is a regular part of many bicyclist’s lives. However, most of us stick to the same route over and over again. Changing up your route increases the odds of a chance encounter with someone you find interesting and attractive. A lot of us using dating apps or services to try to meet “the one”, but there’s something to be said for bumping into a stranger on the street and trying your luck!

Stay in Shape

Most people are attracted to people who take good care of themselves. Regular cycling leads to a lean, muscular physique and that generally will increase your dating pool. Exercise builds a better body, and a better body leads to better relationships.

Use Your Expertise

This tip goes along with the advice to join your local community. There are a lot of people that are into bicycling, and a lot of them are just getting started with the hobby. Take advantage of opportunities to share your experience. Just make sure you don’t come across as pushy or a know-it-all. Knowledge of a mutual hobby might impress a special person.

Use Bicycling to Bond

If you’re likely enough to find a partner who enjoys bicycling as much as you do, use the activity to bond and grow your relationship. Take trips to ride bikes in different locales. Train for races together and push each other to be the best that both can be. Continuing to stay active in the sport is a great way to grow a fledgling relationship into a steamy romance.

We hope that this list of 7 ways bicycles can find you the love of your life helps you on your journey towards finding the perfect partner for you. Bicycling is a great hobby for staying in shape, but you should take every opportunity to apply it to the rest of your life – especially romance!