8 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Bicycles

You can find cyclists everywhere. History of bicycle is of the times of Davinci. It was invented earlier but become famous after almost 150 years of its invent. Then in early 18th century in Germany they introduced a wooden bicycle. This bicycle was much efficient to use then earlier versions of infamous bicycle as it was able to cover almost 10 miles per hour. At that time mostly people used bicycle just for enjoyment. After that with the technological advancement, bicycle also grew and developed to be more fast and efficient than past. Now we can find a wide range of bicycles in market for various purposes. You can also find them on online stores like bikebg.org. You could go to online store and choose cycle of your choice. You can find a bicycle for recreational purpose or for sports. Bicycles have many benefits of their use over cars and other vehicles as they are safe for environment and give you a lot heath benefits.

Bicycles have many benefits and most accepted benefit is that it make you fit and healthier both mentally and physically. A regular cyclist tends to more smart and healthier than a car rider. But besides all benefits it is observed that cyclist are mostly arrogant. They have less resistant to weird questions asked to them while they are cycling.

In this article we have collected some most frequently asked questions we don’t ever want to hear about our bicycles.

1. Is that your bicycle?

While rushing toward office or anywhere you destined often you met people you know and they frequently asked you a question about your bicycle, “is that your bike?” and I am like that “yes Last I checked it was”

2. How fast do you go with your bicycle?

Many times when we are riding our bicycles we hear people asking ,” How fast do you go with your bicycle?”. And my answer in that situation is 50 miles per hour. A cyclist would never understand what they actually want to ask about.

3. Riding bicycle will give you big thighs

If you are cyclists you will often listen a comment that if you will regularly ride a bicycle you will get big thighs. It may be true for some riders but not for all. You may had spent a long time riding bicycle and still don’t have big thighs.

4. Slipped Chain

When you have a bicycle and ready to ride to your office or to any where in hurry you will just hate to hear that your bicycle have slipped chain. Fixing bicycle chain could be a time taking procedure that could destroy both your mood and dress.

5. Loose Bolts

To hear that your bicycle has a problem that is loose bolts is the thing that is both annoying and dangerous for a rider. When we are ready for a ride with happy mood and plan we would never want to hear that our bicycle have loose bolts.

6. Hear clunky sound while pedaling

Hearing the clunky sound while paddling gives a cyclist the worst feeling than anything else. You would probably never want to hear your bicycle making that sound.

7. Wheels cracks

Bicycle with wheel cracks could be worst. A rider would never want to hear that his bicycle is having cracked wheels.

8. Squeaky Brakes

Being a bicycle rider the thing that you must hate to hear is sqqqqqqqeqy sound of the brakes. It is most unpleasant sound to hear for both you and people around you.