What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Bicycle


Mountain biking can be a fun experience if you are riding a bicycle with suitable frame and model. In this article I have discussed what Wikipedia can’t tell you about Mountain bicycles. Mountain biking is completely different from regular cycling. So, there is a noteworthy difference between mountain bicycles and ordinary bicycles.

Some aspects like height, riding style, frame materials, gears, and brakes may affect your selection to the perfect MTB. If you are going to purchase a mountain bicycle, you should keep the following factors in your mind.

Type of Mountain Bicycles

Cross country, downhill, dirt jump, trail and free ride are the common types of mountain bicycles. You should know your preferred riding style to choose the right type of mountain bicycle easily.

Suspension Type

The quality of suspension in a bicycle concludes the level of comfort during rides. Rigid mountain bikes do not have suspension, so these cycles can be used for riding on flat terrains. Hard tail mountain bicycles provide suspension on the front, so these bicycles are the perfect option for cross country rides. A full suspension mountain bicycle is considered to be suitable for downhill rides.

Wheel Size

Wheel size of bicycles varies according to height and age. If you are choosing a mountain bicycle for kids, then wheel size should be between 20cm to 24cm. Mountain bicycles for adults are available with wheel size between 24 cm to 29 cm. The variation in wheel size also helps in balancing the momentum while riding.

Frame Material

If you have to determine the strength and durability of a bicycle, always check the material of the frame. Steel, carbon fiber and titanium are commonly used for making bicycle frames. But these days, aluminum alloys are popularly used to design the frames for mountain bicycles.

Rim Brake and Disc brake are the common types of bicycle brakes. Due to the consistent efficiency, disc brakes are preferred over rim brakes. But in some cases, rim brakes are proved more convenient than disc brakes. Disc brakes are known for controllable grip on all terrains whereas rim brakes are economical and suitable for normal pathways.

Some gears depend upon the type of terrain for riding. If you are going to ride a mountain bicycle on a rugged passage, then you should check for the maximum number of gears. On the other hand, if you ride on flat terrains, then a mountain bicycle with fewer gears will be a great fit for you. Besides this, you can check the number of chain rings in a bicycle. A bicycle with more than one chain ring provides a controllable hold over the bicycle during ride.

Apart from these features, you should look for the best mountain bicycle manufacturer who provides safety gears and bicycle accessories for all types of bicycles.

Let’s have a look at other essentials you need to consider

Locks: – It is no illusion that we survive in a vicious and complicated world where burglary of a personal asset like your cycle is disturbingly common. Secure yourself from this sort of fate by selecting to secure your cycle with well-built and strong locks. Always try to go for hefty-duty U-locks or chain locks as they provide the most effective regarding anti-theft safety.

Helmets: – While on the road or trail, there is often a possibility for things to go terribly. Bicycle helmets though not being officially compulsory should be number one in every bikers list of requirements. Helmets are significant as they offer protection to your head.

Safety Lights: – Safety lamps are a significant utility to have on your cycle, not only when you’re cycling at night time but also throughout the day time. They offer visible cues to others and also light up your path, enabling you to determine hurdles in the dim of the night.