Breakdown cover in Bulgaria: What you need to know


With any vehicle, include bicycles, there’s always the risk of a mechanical breakdown or fault. This could come at an extremely unfortunate time, especially if you’re many miles from home or the breakdown’s at night. With many bicycle parts, it’s no surprise there are so many breakdowns. For these reasons, many bicycle owners choose to have breakdown cover to ensure they’re protected.

There are a variety of breakdown companies in Bulgaria that will offer competitive levels of breakdown services and essentially you’ll simply need to ensure you’re covered for your needs.

What is breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover is protection against your bicycle faulting at the side of the road. If you’re regularly using your bicycle, then breakdown cover is ideal. Commuting many miles can put much strain on the bicycle and there are few warning signs to suggest it’ll give up on you. The simple fact is, you will never be able to predict a breakdown!

The most popular breakdown companies in Bulgaria – short list (with contacts):

  • Groupama Zastrahovane –, tel. 0700 12 332
  • ZAD Armeec AD –, 02/811-91-00
  • ZAD Allianz Bulgaria AD –
  • ZAD Bulstrad AD – tel. 02/985-66-10,
  • Generali BG AD –, tel. 02/926-71-11
  • ZK LEV INS AD – tel. 02/952-33-23,

Now you know what, where and how. recommend you to compare prices and offers before ordering any breakdown cover!