Bicycles – why our world would end if they dissapper

In today’s world, there are so many dates to be celebrated. In fact, at least every day has something specific to celebrate for. Be it Worlds Women’s Day, people living with disability day, tree planning day, mothers day, fathers day, name them. And you feel like it is fine to celebrate fathers day, they need to be appreciated. But how about if someone told you that there is a specific day to celebrate Bicycles? I mean did you know that there is a Worlds Bicycles Day? You probably wonder what they celebrate and why.

In the USA for instance, they have a National celebration day for Bike to Work if you didn’t know. Does this give you a bigger hint that bicycles are part and parcel of our lifestyle and cannot be taken lightly? Since bikes were invented, there has been an improvement in its manufacture. if the early cycles were to get a view of the current bikes, they would be amazed.

Where did Bikes come from?

Let me give you some little bit of history. Bikes were the first ever means of transport in the world. By then, the inventor who was an Italian architect by the name Giovanni de La Fonta in 1418, struggled with the two wheeled balancing to ensure that the bikes were steady and safe to use. The bikes of those days were totally different to the ones you see on the streets today.

What Made Bikes to be celebrated:

People cycle for various reasons. For pleasure, exercise, for fun amongst other reasons.

But what makes bicycles a must have in every home?

As a means of transport:

It is better to cycle to work. In fact, in many countries around the world where there is a traffic jam, it is very easy and faster to use bikes as your mode of transport. Your Bike within a short time can easily cover the short trips to your workplace.

For your bodies sake:

It is amazing how people would rather choose to cycle stagnant wheels at the gym than taking a real bicycle ride. The real bike adds more stamina to your body and strengthens your muscles. It brings some flexibility and balance to your body. Next time if you want to loose those calorie’s, cycle a real bike.

To release stress:

Cycling puts your mind all in action. The cool breeze you feel while cycling is a wonderful stress remover you cannot miss. This is why some people would even die if bikes were to disappear.

For the sake of others;

When you use bikes, it doesn’t benefit you alone but others too. You minimize the number of vehicles on the road, gas emission, environment conservation, all these are beneficial to others.

Cycling makes us look younger, makes us sleep like babies, boost our muscle development, improves our memories and keeps us away from the hospital, this is why our world would end if Bicycles were to disappear.